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 Guild Policy/Information

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PostSubject: Guild Policy/Information   Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:14 am

**Mature Humor at times.** If this isn't something for you then perhaps we are not quite a great fit as most of our members are above the age of 18. Guild chat can get quite raunchy as can vent.


Stolen Souls officers and members will be actively involved in the recruiting process. The class and level needs of the guild should be given heavy weight in the decision to take new members, as well as available raid spots. Anyone interested in joining Stolen Souls will be asked to fill out an application for review and consideration.

Guild Participation

Your standing in the guild is based on participation, contribution and attitude. Stolen Souls is not looking for or interested in deadbeat players. Event and website participation is a major factor. You are expected to read and use the forums frequently. Any guild is what 'you' make it to be, participation is the key to Stolen Souls success and your own!

Guild Ranks

Guild Leader
Co-Guild Leader
Aspirant Raider

Recruitment tracks

There are two recruitment tracks in our guild:

Applicant > Member
Aspirant Raider > Raider

Non-raiders will join at the Applicant rank. This includes friends and family of current members (of any rank). The probation period before an Applicant gets promoted to Member is indetermined, depending entirely on how present the Applicant is online and how much officers can observe them.

People who join to raid will join with the Aspirant Raider rank. They will be under probation for anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on how often they take part in raids during said probation. At the end of probation, provided the Aspirant Raider wants to stay on, officers will decide on whether to promote them to Raider or part ways.

Any Member or Applicant who decides to start raiding with us can ask to be given the Aspirant Raider rank, and will go through the exact same probation period as above.

Self Conduct

ALL of our guildies are expected to act in a respectful manner and be a good example for the guild, and our members. Your behavior reflects on the guild good or bad. While interacting with other players be it in a party, general chat, the auction house or just riding down the road you are expected to uphold the good name of Stolen Souls through your actions. Blatant racism, ninja looting, and scaming are examples of behavior that will not be tolerated. Be yourself and have fun, but respect others.


Boss strategies and pulls have been researched by the Raid Leader and Main Tanks in as much detail as practical. New encounters are always very challenging and require patience and practice sometimes to succeed. Your opinion as a member of Stolen Souls is respected, and you are encouraged to share your ideas and observations on vent, raid chat, or the forums in a detailed post about the encounter. Some encounters are just very challenging and require practice, please keep that in mind when working with new content.

Do not come to raids or guild events flagged for PVP, you will get someone flagged who does not wish to be. If you are PVP, jump on a Windrider to clear your flag, then ask for a summons.

If you say you will be at an event, do your best to show up. Real life always comes first naturally, please do your best to make your situation known if you can't be someplace and people are expecting you.

Come Prepared

All members are expected to come repaired and prepared. Please do not show up to a raid or for an instance with broken armor, or out of a critical reagent for your class or function (e.g. Soul Shards, Candles, Maple Seeds, etc.). Please allow a few minutes before each raid to check on these things and take care of them so the raid is not waiting on you to be ready to play.

Raid Selection

To be selected for a raid, you need to be signed up for it in the game calendar. Given an appropriate level of gear, sign-ups are prioritized according to the effort points in our EPGP loot system. The more you raid, the better your chances at a getting a spot when you sign up.

You can check your gear on the armory against other raid attendees. In doing this you should be able to get an idea what level your gear is at compared to others, and whether you're ready to be of benefit to the raid in general. Another good place, http://be.imba.hu ,will show you what raids you're geared for, and where most of you're gear came from. Checking your character there will give you a good idea on how to improve and what raids you're at least geared for.

This is a general guideline. We will take people to fill spots if we are short, but as stated it will be assessed and selection will be based on the above criteria.

Required Mods

All members should get and use Deadly Boss Mods and EP GP Lootmaster

If you have any questions on these mods please speak to an officer. You will be asked to keep these mods up to date since they communicate data to other players in the raid and may lose functionality or fail to work for players with out of date versions.

Ventrilo Server

Vent is a service offered to you by the guild. You are encouraged to use it liberally for voice chat with your fellow guild members. Please ensure you have at least the Input side of vent working so you can hear the explanations and instructions from the Raid Leader/Main Tank. Because the vent server is a privilege for Stolen Souls members provided by the officers, you are asked to not share the details with players outside the guild.

Damage Meters

Feel free to run damage/healing meters for your own enjoyment and information. Please do not spam raid/party/guild chat with the results. The information is often not truly accurate or representative of the contribution that players make and can breed unhealthy competition.

Guild Bank

The guild bank exists to store materials for leveling reputation, professions, potions, repair bots, crafted resist gear, epic class quests, and items that will benefit a deserving player. All members are encouraged to send spare materials to the guild bank characters with instructions if you have a wish on how it is to be used. Please take time to help contribute items to the bank and make it a good resource for the guild.

Ranks Raider and above are allowed access to the guild bank repair option. This option is only to be used to guild sanctioned raids (Being raids that reward EPs). Please do not use this function for every day use.

If you have any questions on this policy, or a topic not covered here please contact one of the guild officers and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Guild Leader:


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Super duper Poster!

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Policy/Information   Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:28 am

Guild Rank Specifics:

Guild Leader: Leader of the guild.

Co-Guild Leader: Guild Leader's Assistant.

Officer: Raid Leaders, Raid Schedulers, Recruiters, etc.

Councilor: Guild Advisers.

Raider: Guild members who are regular raiders.

Raider Rank Requires:
1. At least 2 Weeks as a guild member.
2. 5000+ EP.
3. Officer Approval.

Aspirant Raider: Probation Raiders. Raiders who have just joined the guild, or recently started raiding with the guild.

Member: All guild members who do not raid. Including friends and family of raiders.

Applicant: All guild members on probation. (New/Returning Guildies)

Alt: Any Character that is not classified as a main.

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PostSubject: Recommended addons   Sun Apr 11, 2010 12:41 pm

Recommended addons

Point system
* EPGPLootMaster

Raid helpers
* Deus Vox Encounters or Deadly Boss Mods
* Omen Threat Meter
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Policy/Information   

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Guild Policy/Information
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